Wednesday, March 24, 2004

sorry for the lack of updates, i've been busy with bannedmusic.org check it out! read my essay on the double black album

not much good gossip today, just that paris hilton kisses adam brody on tonight's oc


Monday, March 22, 2004

scarlett johottson
as a pussycat doll.
if i had a penis, i'd be all OVER that shit.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

i may be the oldest eighteen year-old in the universe, but there is something about this picture that just.. gets me there. and there is something so right about the fact that jackson browne is now in the rock and roll hall of fame (although my hate for the place has been well documented). he is painfully, excruciatingly, amazingly hott. and i know that you, elizabeth ghedi-ehrlich, out there somewhere in berkeley, california, agree.


stalk me:
3.28.04 : ted leo : matrix : boston
4.5.04 : ben kweller & death cab : pearl street : massachusetts
4.6.04 : ben kweller & death cab : irving plaza : nyc
4.27.04 : sleater-kinney : irving plaza : nyc
4.29.04 : plea for peace tour (cursive) : bowery ballroom : nyc

Hi, this is my first blog, and I love pickles and other salty snacks.

In our flat, all things pickled and/or preserved are mutual property. We tried to have seperate pickle stashes, but i kept messing up and buying the wrong kind (those sweet pickles were masquerading as normal) and eating my flatate's picks. Pickles here come in cans, what a crazy country. They should sell postcards of canned pickles, because they are one of the things I will remember most about this continent. Currently, we are in debate over boiled peanuts. Those who prefer to limit their body's sodium level to safe levels, may not know what boiled peanuts (or "ball'd p'nuhs") are. Feel free to take a few seconds to google. I want to make boiled peanut mutual, because i eat a ridiculous amount, and don't want to feel guilty when i get up at 3 am stumble around in my sushi pajamas and stick my grubby paws into flatmate's peanut stash and lick the bag for salt. My flatmate likes the craziest pickle things - Asparagus, peaches, tomatos. THESE THINGS SHOULD NEVER BE IN BRINE. I love peaches, and I love brine, but I never want to see those two things together. It would be like Britney Spears marrying Bukowski. I love both of you, but Britney and Chuck, Peaches and Brine you were not meant to be. Now go hide on the fourth shelf next to the creepy sweet pickles you freaks. And by the way Australia, cocktail onions should never be neon pink. Maybe if Australia didn't pickle such weird shit they'd be cool enough to pre-emptively strike smaller countries.


Saturday, March 20, 2004

while in the prudential center mall today, i had the distinct pleasure of trying jessica simpson's new body mousse-cream-foam line, the tag line of her new lick-able body cream is "sexy girls have dessert" which seems harmless enough.

when i told my dad to try the foam-cream thing, he licked up a HUGE dollip of it. taken in small amounts, i'd approve dessert -- my only qualm: IT COMES WITH BODY SPRINKLES:
wtf. seriously. platamapus?
after what felt like a year long search, i have located & purchased girl scout cookies. my favorites are samoas & tagalongs. i bought-- get this-- the LAST BOXES OF BOTH in belchertown, ma. i swear they put crack in these things-- i've eaten at least ten cookies tonight, and that just isn't cool.

why are they so fucking good?

let's ask them:


does this mean more breast-enhancement surgery for our favorite pop queen? we all know what happened the last time she "injured her knee" ...

from this...

to this.

let's hope so!
so, i guess i'm getting into this whole blogging thing a bit late. i've had a livejournal for a while, but was told today that i am "totally not emo" and that "livejournals are totally emo" -- how could i resist you, sweet, sweet, blogspot?

i'm famously bad at explaining myself, but, i am a college student (i go to sarah lawrence college in new york), i work in new york city, my favorite movie is donnie darko, in my spare time (which i have little of), i help out these guys.

i want this blog to be as impersonal as possible, because i'm sick of that whole wearing my heart on the internet thing. this is serious.

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